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Safety Features of the Buick LaCrosse

Heading the list of popular full-sized luxury sedans, the Buick LaCrosse offers stylish design and up-to-the-minute technology in its safety features.

The LaCrosse's driver's seat offers a unique feature for alerting drivers about upcoming hazards. The Safety Alert Seat uses vibrations on either the right or left side to signal the direction of a likely hazard, allowing the driver to process this information without needing to look. 

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Comparing Front-Wheel Drive and Rear-Wheel Drive

Both front-wheel drive and rear-wheel drive can be invaluable for your vehicle, depending on your specific needs. Front-wheel drive can be a better choice for cars that do not need to take a lot of physical punishment, such as for drivers who take their cars out predominantly in the city.

For cars that need stronger highway and off-road capabilities, rear-wheel drive can be ideal. 

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How to Test Your Car's Battery

The car battery may be a small component of your vehicle, but it’s a very important part because your car won’t run if the battery is dead. If you have concerns about your battery, pay us a visit at Power of Bowser and we can check it out for you. We can also offer tips on how you can check your battery.

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Tailgate Season is Upon Us - Time to Get Ready

With the busy summer season in full swing, many pickup truck owners are taking full advantage of the benefits of their vehicle to engage in one of America's most scared pastimes -- the tailgate party. To ensure that your truck is ready for any tailgate occasion, be sure to equip it with the necessary items and tools. A toolbox isn't just for tools.

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Pick the Right Car Mechanic for Your Vehicle

When your car suffers mechanical problems, you want it fixed and back on the road quickly. You likely don't want to pay a fortune for the repairs. Knowing how to find a good mechanic helps with both outcomes.

Perform price comparisons regarding common maintenance costs. Quite a few online tools match specific repairs with general going rates in a geographic area. While these tools won't always give 100% accurate figures, they do provide a decent ballpark figure. 

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Bowser Subaru Loves To Care Blood Drive On June 21st

Here at Bowser Subaru we are proud to help so many drivers in the Pleasant Hills area get behind the wheel of a safe, reliable, and long-lasting Subaru vehicle. Part of our commitment to serving our community goes beyond selling Subaru's. As part of the Subaru Loves To Care initiative, Bowser Subaru will be holding a blood drive and bone marrow screening to honor Matt Barkley.
810 × 500?


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Tiny Objects, Big Problems!

A common cliché is how easily vast, complicated systems can be brought to a halt by a tiny thing going wrong. The proverbial wrench in the works, as it were. This is true of automobiles just like any other intricate work of engineering. In Pleasant Hills, malfunctioning gaskets are at the root of a great many vehicle breakdowns.

The problem is that they’re vital for larger systems to function. 

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Causes of Engine Overheating

When your vehicle's engine overheats, it spells trouble, which can sometimes be quite serious, causing major damage to your many different engine parts. When your engine overheats, it's essential to bring it into the service department at Power of Bowser, conveniently located in Pleasant Hills, PA, so our technicians can minimize damage and determine the reason why your vehicle overheated.

Lack of coolant is a prime reason why engines overheat. Coolant levels can drop significantly through normal use or because of leaks.

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Explore the Different Warranties Available

When you are in the market for a new vehicle, your coverage may include a powertrain or bumper-to-bumper warranty. It can be overwhelming understanding the warranties that come with your vehicle, but a powertrain warranty and bumper-to-bumper warranty are important because they typically provide the most coverage for major parts such as the engine. To learn the difference between a powertrain and bumper-to-bumper warranty, please read further.

A powertrain warranty usually provides coverage for the parts of the propulsion system. 

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How to Make a Useful Roadside Emergency Kit

These are a few of the items that you want to make certain are in the roadside emergency kit you prepare. Be sure to have a small bag or box with plenty of tools that could be useful if you need to make a minor repair while stuck off the side of the road.

Keep triangles and road flares in your kit, it will be helpful when alerting other drivers your vehicle is no moving. A blanket can keep you and passengers warm in the cooler weather until help arrives. Bottled water and snacks can make things easier on those…

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