How Does the Stabilitrak System Work on a Buick Cascada?

For over a century, drivers have dealt with adverse weather conditions and oversteer, and understeer performances induced by mechanical difficulties. In the Buick Cascada, engineers placed the Stabilitrak system as an intelligent mechanism to combat these accidents waiting to happen.

Whether you are driving on the open road or in Pleasant Hills, PA to visit Power of Bowser, weather and mechanical issues can strike at a moment’s notice. The Stabilitrak system continuously monitors your intended steering direction versus the actual direction in which you are traveling. If the system detects a variance, it signals the computer to activate brakes on select tires and reduces the engine output. Once the system identifies the successful correction, it releases control back to the driver.

The Stabilitrak system activates instantly. So, if you must make a sudden turn or are slipping on ice, snow, or water, the system compensates automatically to keep you safe.

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