Nissan LEAF Takes the Lead in Electric Vehicles

The Nissan LEAF is a game changer when it comes to range and improved options for charging. If you have been thinking about an electric vehicle, this popular compact model is brought to you by a design team that has over seven years of experience. It is ahead of the curve when it comes to battery life and efficiency.

The LEAF has an impressive range of 150 miles at a full charge. You have several options for charging. You can plug your LEAF right into your outlet, or you can use a rapid charger that cuts charging time by close to 75%. If you are out on the road, you can find a convenient charging station and give it a quick 30-minute charge that will get you an extra 90 miles towards your destination.

If you are ready to see what the new Nissan LEAF has to offer, stop by Power of Bowser today for a test drive.

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