Hyundai Accent - A Great Value Car

Drivers looking for a great value car that performs great but cost very little to run need not look any further than the new Hyundai Accent. This popular compact car is a dynamic little car with many popular options. Stop at Power of Bowser and see what the new Hyundai Accent has to offer.

The 2018 Hyundai Accent has some pretty neat features, including the heated seats which warm up quickly on even the coldest of days and with just a push of a button. With your smartphone or smartwatch, you can do a lot of things remotely, including starting the car, defrost the windshield, set the climate control or send an important collision notification notice if you’re in a dangerous situation.

One look at the Hyundai Accent and you’ll see why so many people love the Accent. If you’re still not convinced, visit our dealership in Pleasant Hills, PA and take it out for a test drive.

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