Tiny Objects, Big Problems!

A common cliché is how easily vast, complicated systems can be brought to a halt by a tiny thing going wrong. The proverbial wrench in the works, as it were. This is true of automobiles just like any other intricate work of engineering. In Pleasant Hills, malfunctioning gaskets are at the root of a great many vehicle breakdowns.

The problem is that they’re vital for larger systems to function. These flexible steel or copper seals are critical in padding the gap between cylinder heads and the engine block, keeping oil in the pan while the crankshaft moves, and regulating air flow and temperature in the intake and exhaust manifolds. Elsewhere, they keep liquids from escaping or mixing in ways they shouldn’t.

The key is to know how to spot failing gaskets; cracked or discolored coating, gaps where they become rigid and can no longer provide a seal, buildup of materials where leaks have formed. To prevent this from happening so rapidly, keep a fastidious regime of oil and engine fluid changes and keep a close eye on your engine’s temperature.

To learn more about the gaskets in your vehicle and other maintenance tips, visit our courteous and informed staff in our service department at Power of Bowser today!

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