Oil Brand Switches Are Engine-Safe

Many people believe that it will hurt an engine if you use a different brand of oil than what was used to “break the engine in.” This simply is not true. Try to not directly mix different oil brands together. Companies have their own patented blends and additives. Between oil changes however, it is perfectly safe for your car’s engine to switch brands. It is also acceptable to use a different brand than what was initially used when the car was new.

Some people believe it is also not good to switch from natural oil to synthetic. This particular myth started decades ago when synthetics were known to cause seal shrinkage. Oil technologies have vastly improve since then. Making this type of switch is fine, especially for older engines.

When switching oil brands, the key is to use the grade of oil recommended by the car manufacture for the engine. If the vehicle has a high mileage, or you have a specific question about oil, ask a professional in our service center at Power of Bowser in Pleasant Hills, PA about appropriate grade changes for the engine type.