How to Test Your Car's Battery

The car battery may be a small component of your vehicle, but it’s a very important part because your car won’t run if the battery is dead. If you have concerns about your battery, pay us a visit at Power of Bowser and we can check it out for you. We can also offer tips on how you can check your battery.

Once you know the vehicle is turned off, hook the red voltmeter test lead to the positive terminals of the battery. Hook the black voltmeter test lead to the negative terminal on the battery. The voltmeter will show you the status of the battery. When removing the terminals, make sure to remove the negative one first. Also, make sure you wear gloves when testing the battery.

If you’ve been having issues with your battery or just want to check it to ensure its fully charged, visit our Pleasant Hills, PA dealership. We’re here to help.

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