The Two Types of Spare Tires: Temporary Compact and Full-Size

Are you thinking about purchasing a new set of tires? If you are, you might also want to consider your spare tire as well. There are two basic types of spare tires that you can buy: the full-size spare and the compact temporary spare.

The full-size spare tire comes in a couple of different options, and one of them is to simply buy a fifth tire that is exactly like the other four. If you choose to do this, the fifth one should be included in your regular rotations.

The other option is to purchase a compact temporary spare tire. These tires typically are stored in the trunk of your vehicle, and they should only be driven on in the case of an emergency, and only to drive to the repair shop.

If you're thinking about purchasing a new set of tires or just a spare, come to Power of Bowser in Pleasant Hills, and we'll be delighted to help you with your purchasing decision.

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