How to Make a Useful Roadside Emergency Kit

These are a few of the items that you want to make certain are in the roadside emergency kit you prepare. Be sure to have a small bag or box with plenty of tools that could be useful if you need to make a minor repair while stuck off the side of the road.

Keep triangles and road flares in your kit, it will be helpful when alerting other drivers your vehicle is no moving. A blanket can keep you and passengers warm in the cooler weather until help arrives. Bottled water and snacks can make things easier on those stuck in the car with you. Keep a couple cans of tire fix-a-flat in the trunk. These can help get your flat tire up off the rim long enough to get to a gas station.

We're hoping this guide provided by the auto service team at Power of Bowser helps to keep you safer when you travel the roads of our community.

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