Subaru BRZ: Movin' On

Subaru's track-borne performance breakthroughs are available in SUVs only, right? Wrong. Very wrong. The Power of Bowser Subaru team wants drivers from across the region to familiarize themselves with the magical new Subaru BRZ. With incredible style and equally amazing performance, Subaru BRZ is the joy of driving purified.

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Sure, BRZ passes the eye test. But what about the ear test? Does it pack that unforgettable sports car rumble? It sure does. Powered by a 200-hp direct-and port-injected 2.0-liter 4-cylinder Subaru Boxer engine, the BRZ hits all the right notes —in the driveway and on the highway. The cars unmistakable high rpm rumble from the tuned exhaust system is music to the sports car enthusiasts’ ears and impress your fellow drivers.

What's more luxurious than complete control? Visit Power of Bowser this holiday weekend to test drive the incredible new Subaru BRZ for yourself, and to learn why professionals from across the region are loving what they drive all over again.

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