Inspecting Brakes and Repairing Them

You need to service the brakes on your car when they are showing signs of wear and tear. Taking the initiative to inspect and repair your brakes before they become too worn will ensure the overall condition of your vehicle in stopping properly. If the light within your car which is located on the dashboard appears, then you will know your brakes are needing to be serviced.

This isn’t the only sign, since most drivers experience grinding, squealing, and spongey or slow to respond brakes long before a brake light ever appears. Also common is a vibration in your car when applying the brakes. Your brakes can be fully repaired or replaced if needed. Brakes are to be looked at when a car undergoes a lot of traveling or extra mileage. Maintaining brakes once a year is fine if there has not been a lot of hard use or driving long distances. Contact our service team for more information.

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