Tips for Tire Health

If you're trying to make sure that your vehicle stays in excellent, safe driving condition, it's important to pay attention to its tells -- little things that might indicate bigger problems.

An easy one to watch out for is the level of wear on your tires. By checking the tire tread, you can learn a lot about how your tires and their related parts are doing.

Good tires are essential to good performance in terms of both safety and fuel economy, so we've compiled a short list of easy things you can do to get the most out of your tires:

  1. Check tire pressure monthly and avoid over- or underinflating your tires
  2. Get a wheel alignment annually (or more if you drive over a lot of pot holes)
  3. Rotate your tires about once a year (or when you get an oil change)
  4. Look for signs of unusual wear like rapidly-balding tires or excessive wear on the inside or outside of your tires

If you have tire questions or you need tire service, our service department in Pleasant Hills, PA can help. Schedule online, by phone, or in person if you need a tire rotation or wheel alignment!

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